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Arta Bajrami: I do not deal with beginners
March 03, 2008 - 7:21 PM - By AdmiraL
Arta Bajrami, superseksi singer from Kosovo says so will abandon all musical events for artists who are in the "first tweet". From nearly two editions in succession, she has missed the scene of the new voices festival,

"Top Fest". A rather casual choice, but conditioned by some factors that seem to have pushed Arta Bajramin to make the decision not to be present at this festival aimed at discovering and generating new talents. "I think that these festivals must be part of the original singers who want to get on stage to create a good name in music. And this is proven, as long as we are seeing young people and young women performing on the Top Fest scene. So, and I chose to get away because I've already gained fame in music. The work for the RTSH festival is changing because competition is all about "Eurovision", and for every sacrifice it will be worth it, "she told the newspaper" Korrieri ".
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